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I, me & myself


Real name : Arjun

Pet Name : AR

Place of birth : Jabalpur

Zodiac sign : Sagittarius

Height : 6'2

weight : 85 Kgs

Pets : Tyson and Demi (boxers) One gifted by Mehr

Awards : Best Debut Award for Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat

Family : Father Amarjeet and Mother Gwen

Spouse : Mehr Jessia

Hobbies : Playing Cricket on the computer and watching films

I was born: Nov. 26, 1972
I am: Cool, casual, comfortable

Chai : No
Coffee : What my spot bot Yaqub makes
Perfume : CK One/ Armani
Sunglasses : Prada & Gucci
Turn-on : Life
Car : Lancer/Lexus
Dream Car : Ferrari
Actor/Actress : Not a fan
Designer : Diesel label &Armani
Color  : Black  & Bleu
Holiday Destination: Anywhere Newyork city/ Paris
Food  : Japanese Dish Sushi

Loves to Wear: Track pants and T-shirts, mostly. I love wearing kurtas, especially Rajasthani ones, jeans, usually casuals

Branded: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Armani (Exchange and Emporio), and on the Indian front, Tarun Tahiliani's kurta pyjamas, Rohit Bal's Westerns, suits and casuals and sneakers. Always sneakers

Wardrobe essential: My underwear

Alternative lifestyle: I'd probably be working in a bank or something, that's where the money is

If I was a paan wala: I'd give my father free cigarettes

Would love to lunch with: Jim Morrison and not lunch, an all night party for that whole sex, drugs, rock and roll thing. But one night only

Sex is: Fun, necessity

Does size matter: Only when I was working with Elite (the modelling agency). Abroad, they're far more professional than they are here so you have a modelling card with all your measurements and abilities (like whether you can ride or swim or whatever). When I went to London, the whole skinny look was in, so I had to lose a lot of weight, but by the time I went to New York, I'd filled out, so I got myself a new card.

Marriage means: It's a rule made by society. No, seriously, it's something sacred and it's incredible security you've found your companion for a lifetime. It's all based on honesty, I'd say

Inspiration: Life. And when other people have faith in me, mostly that spurs me on

God is: A friend - someone I can always ask for help

When I leave the earth I'll take along : A carton of Marlboro Lights, I guess

When I grow up I want to be: Retired!